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Music by Augusto Malbouisson.

Movie done for a presentation at the Multiplicidade festival when the soundtrack was performed live.It was also select for Mostra do Filme Livre 2007 where it received the following review:

“If the cinema is understood as the art of light and shadows,‘Firefly’ recovers the spirit of the first cinema by proposing a rigorous investigation about light effects in different surfaces, in direct or reflected emission or even with different irradiation sources.

Nevertheless, the real force of this singular video is that what could be just a simple formalist resource ends in a much wider scope. A certain mystic context, creating a dialogue with ‘Text of Light’ from Stan Brakhage, inserts itself specially in the conversation between the images by Gustavo Lacerda and the soundtrack by Augusto Malbouisson. Between image and sound, new dialogues appear, parallel and converging.

But only in the end its big project is completely revealed. From the interior to the exterior, from day to night, returning to the day,‘Firefly’ transforms itself into an essay about time and space in the cinema and, specially, about a metaphysics of freedom, when the water from the rain drains from the roofs to our eyes.

Because of the inventiveness of the way that it deals with those themes and the vanguard of its form, ‘Firefly’ already is one of the biggest highlights from this Mostra do Filme Livre (Free Movie Festival).”

Marcelo Ikeda - curator